Take Your Child To Work Day at the Beacon Hotel

Beacon South Beach Hotel is a proud participant of Take Your Child To Work Day. Every year in May we bring children to work for an exciting day that they remember and wait for all year long. Many of the kids have been coming to the Beacon from a very early age, so it is always fun for them to get together and see familiar faces of friends they made along the way.

What do we do for Take Your Child To Work Day? We are often asked this question by other companies. Every year is  little different, but here are some fun activities that kids enjoy:

  • Tour of the hotel
  • Arts and crafts
  • Helping out at the front desk or in the offices
  • Running around
  • Minecraft time (yes, it’s all time favorite)
  • Pizza Party (with cake and baloons)
  • Gift bag giveaways

Sounds like fun? It definitely is, and we have pictures to prove it! :)