This October get “Pink” with Beacon Hotel in Support of Breast Cancer Research

As part of our commitment to giving back and demonstrating social responsibility, we’re proud announce that during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will proudly donate 10% of all proceeds booked via our new “Pink” package to support breast cancer research.

The promotion lasts until October 31, 2013, and is part of a wider monthly campaign in which our staff will wear special pink uniforms, and provide guests and visitors with a variety of materials to help increase awareness of breast cancer facts, risks and other essential issues.

We all know someone who has been afflicted by breast cancer – a family member, friend, and colleague. Or perhaps you are receiving treatment, and are hopefully on the road to a complete recovery (for additional information and statistics on breast cancer, please visit the American Cancer Society).

While we understand that a cure for breast cancer is not imminent, we are proud to join with our guests and many other organizations across the country, and around the world, in helping make breast cancer part of our history – not our future.

To learn more about our Pink package and help us support breast cancer research, click here.