Indulge in romance at the Beacon Hotel this upcoming Valentines Day

The Beacon Hotel invites you to celebrate an unforgettable valentines day week

One of the best ways that you and your loved one can spend Valentine’s Day week is by cozying up together on the beach that lies just steps from the Beacon Hotel, and we are so excited to be welcoming many who will be doing just that, offering a spectacular package throughout this special time.

Not only is the beach less than 500 feet away from our front door, but amongst the features included in some of our enhanced Valentine’s Day packages are Art deco boutique rooms so that you can enjoy that spectacular scenery without leaving your room.

Enjoy our exclusive Valentines day package

We also make sure that you are enveloped in the Valentine’s Day energy from the moment that you step into your room. Providing impeccable customer service befitting the holiday, rose petal decorations, complementary chocolate-covered strawberries and a take home Beacon preserved rose. Also consider taking advantage of some of the premium amenities that we are offering, such as premium bathrobes, to further enhance your Valentine’s Day experience.

When you two leave our property to explore the area, you will be able to take in some spectacular art deco architecture. Visit a number of attractions and sit down in some of the world’s most romantic restaurants, all within close proximity. If you would like some assistance in deciding what to do, make sure to take advantage of our dedicated concierge services. We will do whatever we can to make your stay with us an amazing one.

How the Beacon celebrates Valentines week

Note that our celebration of Valentine’s Day week actually starts on Feb. 7 with Rose Day. The following days include Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and, of course, Valentine’s Day.

You could stay with us throughout the week and celebrate each of these days here, simply focus on Valentine’s Day itself. If you unfortunately cannot be here on Feb. 14, instead take in one or more of these other special days. For example, if you are at the stage of your relationship where a proposal is being considered, Feb. 8 – Propose Day – may be a perfect day for you to do so.

Of course, we are also dedicated to ensuring that your time with us is safe as possible as we have engaged in rigorous cleaning. As well as other safe procedures throughout the past year. We were also recently awarded with a Sharecare Verified Health Security certificate, indicating that we have complied with the steps necessary to provide a safe environment.