7 SoBe Experiences to Enhance Your Stay With Us

Looking for a reason to choose Miami as your destination for a romantic getaway? Here are 7 reasons why

Couples looking for a romantic getaway package know that South Beach is a glamorous place to enjoy that type of experience. One of the world’s best vacation locales provides enticing attractions, such as its gorgeous beach, boats that provide scenic rides, relaxing spas, classy restaurants and top shopping opportunities.

The Beacon Hotel is situated in the midst of all of this. In fact, many of these activities can be walked to within a few minutes. Our boutique hotel also provides access to your dedicated concierge. Your concierge can arrange these activities for you and ensure that your stay in Miami Beach is one to remember. Keep reading to learn more about the 7 SoBe experiences to enhance your stay.

Ocean Front Views

Enjoying an ocean front view is, in many people’s opinions, one of the most romantic things that you can do with a loved one, and it is also something that you can experience while staying at the Beacon Hotel, and you do not even need to leave your room to enjoy this special South Beach attraction.

Those who take advantage of our romantic getaway package offer can relax together with a complimentary bottle of sparkling champagne, complimentary breakfast or both as you look out upon the expansive beach and over the ocean.

Ocean Drive

When you do head out to explore what South Beach has to offer, you will most likely want to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy that the famous Ocean Drive has to offer. Ocean Drive is the same the avenue that the Beacon Hotel is on, emanates.

As you walk along it, you will pass numerous parks, restaurants and shops. This is also where many of the area’s famously beautiful Art Deco buildings are situated. In many cases, you will also get to enjoy all types of music on your walk as well as being able to view muscle cars being driven along the street.

After the sun sets, Ocean Drive is also home to many of South Beach’s most famous nightlife attractions.

Spa Massage: K’Alma

If getting a relaxing spa massage is in your plans for your romantic getaway, you should consider K’Alma, one of those many attractions on Ocean Drive. It sits less than a half of a mile to the north of the Beacon South Beach.

The country’s first crystal color therapy Peruvian spa offers a respite and a sanctuary from much of the high energy found elsewhere in South Beach as it helps give your spirit a refuge. K’Alma offers numerous treatment rooms, all of which are home to themes that incorporate Peruvian crystals.

Lunch at Gianni’s Restaurant – Versace Mansion

On your way back from K’Alma, you can stop for some fine dining at the Versace Mansion’s Gianni’s restaurant. In fact, its location truly is breathtaking as its dining room is steeped in history and possesses beauty befitting that reputation. This luxurious experience can even include a star-gazing experience from its pool.

Its delicious food selection includes Italian Mediterranean fare while its wine selection is considerable and impressive.

Boat Tour

If you would like to view Miami Beach and the surrounding area from a boat, your concierge can help you with that as well. This is one of the best ways to engage in relaxation while in South Beach as you spend your time on the calm water away from the energy that Miami Beach is famous for.

Of course, a boat tour any time of the day or night is an activity that you will long remember, but there is something to be said for how romantic enjoying this experience as the sun is setting is.

The types of boat tours that are available are varied and can also include historic storytelling, high-speed adrenaline-building rides and activities such as snorkeling.

Fine Dining for Dinner

Numerous fine dining establishments are situated near our location, and spending time at one of them is a great way to wrap up your evening or get it started. Some of these options include Carbone, Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant and Prime 112, all within three-quarters of a mile of us and to the south of us.

Carbone’s swanky atmosphere is home to sophisticated Italian food, Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant brought stone crabs to Miami menus in 1920 and still specializes in it, and Prime 112 is a next-level steakhouse that is home to beef that has been dry aged for 3-4 weeks.

White Sand Beaches

One romantic activity that many make sure to take advantage of while in South Beach is relaxing on the white sand beaches that are right in front of our location. In fact, it will take you just a minute or two to walk from our front door to being able to experience sand between your toes.

This is a great place to get cozy with each other and look out upon the rest of the beach and the water. And it is another experience only made better if it is done as the sun is setting or, for that matter, rising if you two are early risers or still awake from spending the night enjoying all that South Beach has to offer.

Other Amenities

Some other amenities that we provide our guests who take advantage of our romantic getaway package offer include rose petal decorations, beach chairs and towels, Nespresso coffee, Ocean front view rooms, and premium Wi-Fi. In addition, you can take advantage of an early check-in at 1 p.m. and a late check-out at 2 p.m.

Keep in mind that the travel and booking dates for this offer are from June 10, 2022, to May 31, 2023.

We hope to see you soon!