Introducing our Egift Cards!

Discover Our New Beacon Egift Card Program

If you are traveling to Miami and want to stay at an upscale hotel that values the finer things in life, the Beacon South Beach is perfect for you. We are in a prime location and offer a variety of great amenities you won’t want to miss. We are proud to announce our new egift card program.

You can now pay for your stay in advance with an egift card for up to $500 from our hotel with no limitations, and you can use it any time you want. Having an egift card gives you access to an unbeatable vacation when you need it the most, and you will be pleased with your decision. Let’s review some of the ways you can use your egift card.

Buy an Egift Card for Yourself

If you plan to stay at our hotel in the future, secure your room with an egift card so that you won’t miss out on the fun. Buying an egift card not only ensures that you have the required funds to enjoy your next stay, but also an additional 25% credit on top of your purchase. Buying an egift card today can guarantee you the gift of travel! For example, if you purchase an Egift card today for $100.00, you will receive a credit of $125.00. Imagine using a credit of $125.00 during the 4th of July or Christmas Eve when the rates are through the roof! You’d circle back to paying a super exclusive rate with no limitations unlike our public offers or any other buyer. Pay the price of today for the price of your dream vacation.

Buy an Egift Card for A Friend or Family Member

Almost everyone has a friend or family member who could use a break from the stress of daily life, and you can help them reach that goal faster than they once thought possible. No matter the season or weather, your friend will be thrilled to stay at the Beacon South Beach, and you will be glad you gave your friend this undeniable gift. Your friend or family member will likely thank you for years to come, simply add the delight of enjoying South Beach as an incredible gift, on top of an additional credit to spend your time by the beach with a classis Miami Mojito drink. Make the right choice and purchase an Egift card to surprise you or yourself when you most desire it.

Buy an Egift Card for a Front-Line Worker

Front-line workers keep grocery stores, gas stations and more open so that people can buy the items they need to survive and stay ahead of the latest threats. These people put themselves in harm’s way to make sure everyone else has the basic necessities of life, and we should keep them in mind and show our appreciation more than we do. Purchase an egift card for a front-line worker to show them how much you care about their efforts. When you do so, not only do we grant an additional 25% discount credit BUT the front-line worker will also receive a free ocean front upgrade with no limitations on select dates! You won’t find this perk anywhere else.

Getting Started

If you would like to book a stay at our friendly and upbeat hotel, we are happy to help. You can buy egift cards on our Facebook page and official website. Consider some of the amenities we offer if you have never been to our location. When you stay at the Beacon Hotel, you are only a short drive from many of Miami’s top attractions.

You will discover that we provide free breakfast and Wi-Fi for anyone who is interested. Our egift cards make a perfect gift no matter if you are getting them for yourself or someone else, and we invite you to get started right away.