Top Five Restaurants to Enjoy During the Annual Miami Spice Event

The Miami Spice festival is an annual event that takes place between August 1 and September 30 in Miami Beach. Festival highlights include generous discounts on the price of lunches and dinners throughout the two-month event. The inclusive price covers the appetizer, main course and dessert. The opportunity to sample a wide variety of dishes around the city can seem overwhelming because of the abundance of choices available.
Two months hardly seems like enough time to explore the area’s finest restaurants, but it is very helpful to stay in a room that is close to the central areas. The nearby Beacon Hotel is in an ideal location for accessing the best restaurants in Miami, and I personally had a very good experience with their staff. This is the perfect time for culinary enthusiasts to participate in savoring some of the finest dishes prepared by award-winning chefs in the area. The experience is overwhelming for many new guests to the event, so I compiled my list of top five restaurants that I would recommend to anyone looking for the finest culinary experience of a lifetime.

1. Café des Arts Miami


This elegant and chic restaurant offers lunch and dinner throughout the Miami Spice festival. One of the best aspects of this restaurant is the ambiance, style and atmosphere. In my opinion, the outdoor dining experience is one of the most appealing aspects of dining at the Café des Arts Miami. True to its name, guests can enjoy the romantic art deco style of décor, the exquisite cuisine and the exceptional service. My favorite menu items are the shrimp ceviche, rib eye steak, grilled octopus, fried calamari and the white codfish. For side dishes, I recommend the truffle potatoes and the quinoa pilaf. The sorbet dessert is also fantastic.

2. Bagatelle Miami


The Bagatelle Miami features a themed interior based on the French Mediterranean style. The distinctive European ambiance is unique and unforgettable. During the Miami Spice festival, this restaurant displays fine artwork from local artists with live music surrounded by fine architecture. One of the best appetizers is the incredible Tartare de Thon Bagatelle, which combines yellow-fin tuna with avocado salad, lime and taro chips. Bold guests can enjoy the fine caviar, and the seafood platter entree is the best value for the money. The extensive wine list and cocktail offerings are certainly worth considering.

3. Red Ginger


This is definitely the place for culinary enthusiasts who enjoy seafood and Asian cuisine. The red curry coconut soup, for example, is prepared in the traditional Thai method, which includes kaffir lime and customized spicing. The Japanese culinary tradition is reflected in the sushi maki rolls, sashimi and charred octopus dishes. The mizuna salad is very good, and the Japanese greens with special seasoning is amazing. If you stop in during happy hour, try the Thai coconut soup, which has tiger prawns, tapioca pearls, Japanese mushrooms and traditional seasoning.

4. Beachcraft

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This unique restaurant combines the elegance of Mediterranean culinary traditions with fresh ingredients purchased from local farms. I love the exhibition kitchen where world-class chefs show off their chops to the amazement of every guest. The freshly prepared seafood dishes create the perfect complement to the raw bar, and the outdoor patio dining on the second level makes the Beachcraft one of the most ideal evening destination spots. My favorite brunch items include the Belgian waffles, smoked salmon and roasted mushroom flatbread.

5. Jaya

This restaurant is dedicated to presenting the diversity of the southern and northern Asian culinary traditions. The menu reflects the training and influences of the two top chefs, who present the best culinary sensations from Thailand, Japan, India, Vietnam, Korea and China. My personal favorites include the Bluefin tuna, Pad Thai, chicken coconut soup, saikyo miso salmon, shrimp maki and black pepper shrimp. The tempura chocolate and tofu cheesecake create the perfect finishing touch for an amazing dining sensation. The sorbet ice cream is a refreshing end to an incredible dining experience. Enjoy these delights in an outstanding atmosphere, which provides diners with an elegant and pristine visual environment. The extensive wine menu offers a diverse selection of beverages, which includes sake, wine and champagne.

Summary of Miami Spice

It is easy to enjoy the best moments from the annual Miami Spice events at the Beacon Hotel. The proximity to these fine restaurants makes it a perfect fit, and I love the comfortable rooms with reasonable prices. Some room discounts may apply, so always try to check in early. I also recommend that visitors ask a lot of questions to get an idea about the other available specials that occur during the festival. For example, I learned about the happy hour specials from the friendly receptionists during my last stay, and they also pointed out at least one of the restaurants that ended up on my top five recommendation list.