September Events in South Beach

Miami Fashion Film Festival: Sept. 17 – 19

Screenings and documentaries that provide rare insights into the fashion industry are what you can expect at this popular festival, which is not far from the best South Beach hotel. Whether you enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends or are just curious, these films are sure to catch your interest and generate curiosity. The goal is to spark conversations about the fashion industry and how it impacts people on a local and international level. You will learn why businesses must struggle to keep up with trends that change rapidly, allowing them to maintain their edge.

eventsMiami Beach Food Truck and Music Festival: Sept. 23

Do you enjoy food and great music? If so, then you will think that you have died and gone to heaven when you attend this festival. When several of the greatest food trucks gather in one location, you will have the opportunity to sample some of the best food that Miami has to offer. Also, representatives from local restaurants will show up and showcase some of their best meals. Ensure that you come on an empty stomach if you want to try all of the options.


Black Butterfly

Summer Butterfly Walk

Summer Butterfly Walk: Sept. 26

The Summer Butterfly Walk gives you the chance to relax and enjoy nature while you explore rare species of butterflies that will amaze you. If you are not a butterfly fanatic, then the event is still likely to entertain you. You will be filled with excitement as you embark on an adventure to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. This popular event will likely fill up fast, so make your reservations early if you want to secure your spot.


South Beach Night Life

Miami Beach Night Life – September events

South Beach Nightlife

If you are not ready for bed when the sun goes down, then you will have a blast in Miami. Rooftop bars, live music, and dance clubs are what you will find if you venture off into the night. You can dance the night away, check out some great bands and meet cool people.


Beacon South Beach Hotel - September Events

The Beacon South Beach Hotel

Ocean Drive Hotel – September Events

At this point, you are likely feeling excited to pack your bags and head to Miami to join the fun, but you must first find a place to stay. Although you will find many hotels nearby, most people prefer the Beacon South Beach hotel. You will enjoy easy access to the beach, and you won’t be far from your favorite events.

When pricing is a concern, people are pleased to learn that the Beacon offers upscale rooms at an affordable rate, so you can enjoy the finer things in life without breaking into your savings account. Booking your stay now is important if you want to get a room while the event of your choice is taking place.