South Beach Temptations


South Beach Temptations near the Beacon Hotel

From its origins as unsettled farmland, South Beach has developed into a premier destination for both domestic and international travelers. The reason for this is the myriad of attractions that it offers those visitors. As expected, beach lovers are pleased with its attractions while those looking for hot nightlife will discover an incredible assortment of offerings as well. The area’s Art Deco District also impresses art enthusiasts and others. Simply put, South Beach is a feast for the eyes regardless of what your specific interests are.

The Beacon Hotel is conveniently situated on Ocean Drive. The aesthetics of the area surrounding it is what makes South Beach so famous. The water is just feet from its doors while numerous nightlife spots and well-known restaurants are within walking distance. In fact, the eateries that are in the area have given this part of Miami Beach a well-earned reputation of quality international cuisine. Much of South Beach’s Art Deco architecture is also located in the immediate area.

The beaches provide many features that will enhance your experience there. These include walking trails, volleyball courts, and watersports-gear rentals. Its famous Muscle Beach is just several hundred feet from the Beacon Hotel. Not only are muscular people here, but so is the beautiful equipment that helps them get so muscular. If you want to see people working out here, Sundays are best.

Kick back and relax

A mile to the south of the Beacon Hotel is South Pointe Park. This is a great place to relax while looking out at the water and at the mega ships  making their way to Miami. Amongst its attractions include a beautiful wooden boardwalk, picnic pavilions and an amphitheater. It’s the perfect destination for the end of a walk on the beach.

Meanwhile, shoppers will want to visit Lincoln Road, which is just a mile to the north of the Beacon Hotel. Its top attraction is its pedestrian mall, which is home to hundreds of businesses and is the area’s premier shopping destination. Lincoln Road is also home to a number of other types of popular attractions such as restaurants, nightclubs and movie and live theatres, including the historic Jackie Gleason Theater.

Many of those with accommodations in South Beach will also want to check out attractions such as the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach Botanical Garden and the Collins Avenue Fashion District.

Do take note that the coronavirus has affected South Beach as it has the world.

Here, Miami-Dade County is working towards fully reopening the area. Once non-essential guests can stay at hotels in the area, it’s important to consider measures that are expected to be in place at that time, you may revise the Beacon’s guidelines here. These include the requiring of employees and guests to wear face coverings in public areas unless you’re outside and social distancing is possible. The Beacon Hotel will also closely monitor the health of all staff members and guests, with the help of our new thermal reading kiosk which will ensure that everyone in the property is below the CDC fever level. All common areas will be regularly cleaned and disinfected with our new electrostatic technology consisting of hospital grade disinfectants.